Saint Augustine – On Genesis


No other part of the Hebrew Scriptures, aside from the Psalter and sections of the prophet Isaiah, captured the interest and aroused the attention of the early Church as did the opening chapters of the Book of Genesis. Augustine of Hippo, the early Latin Church’s profoundest scholar, devoted three treatises to these chapters. The first two — On Genesis: A Refutation of the Manichees and his Unfinished Literal Commentary on Genesis — are early works. The third and longest — The Literal Meaning of Genesis — was produced at the height of Augustine’s maturity and has been ranked with his Confessions, The Trinity, and The City of God. The range, depth and genius of Augustine’s thought, which begin to appear in the two earlier writings, are on full display in the third. This volume brings these three works together for the first time in English and provides a valuable and comprehensive introduction to each one.

Saint Augustine - On Genesis


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On Genesis/A Refutation of the Manichees/The Unfinished Literal Meaning of Genesis (Works of St Augustine 1)
by Augustine of Hippo,
Boniface Ramsey,
Edmund Hill