The Creed: A Catechist’s Guide: Understanding and Sharing What We Believe


We say the Creed at Mass every Sunday, but how did it come to be and what does it really mean for our lives? The Creed: A Catechist s Guide shows how the Creed can take us into the heart of the Christian mystery and fill us with awe.

Rooted in Scripture and Church teaching, each succinct chapter addresses one statement of the Apostle s Creed, offering a wealth of historical and biblical background, reflection questions, meditations, prayers, and activity ideas you may have never associated with the Creed.

Here s a sampling of what you will learn: How can the Creed help Catholics understand Church teaching on creation and evolution, and the relationship between science and religion?

What s the difference between the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed?

Why is Pilate the only person other than the Trinity and Mary mentioned in the Creed by name?

How can our Profession of Faith give us a deeper understanding of our own suffering, death, and promised resurrection? And how can it help us discover the unbelievable tenderness of God every day?

This well-researched, and beautifully written resource is perfect for catechists, RCIA and adult faith formation leaders, parents, teachers, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Catholic beliefs, heritage and tradition. Filled with ways to hear and share the voice of God, this helpful resource beckons us to joyful, and committed discipleship, and to the incredible life God has in mind for us.

The Creed


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The Creed – A Catechist’s Guide
by Sr Janet Schaeffler, OP